Spices in Indian Curry

Spices in Indian Curry

India – long identified for its spices more than anything else, still stands as a signal post for all that relates to spice today. In the past, many a country gave in to the lure of spice and did their best to invade this country. It is this very lure of spice that led to the discovery of the Americas as well. Rather than go into the ‘spice’ history, I have decided to do a short article on some of the major spices of India with a few relevant details.

Spices, something that none of us can go without these days, have ruled over the minds and hearts of men and women for quite a while now. Even today, spices would be perhaps one of the foremost things that most of the world would associate with the sub-continent.

Here is my list of some of the top 10 spices from India.

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